What makes Timpani so different?

UK exclusive

Timpani is a UK company, and we host our platform in leading UK datacentres. Whether for the security, the performance or the regulatory benefits of keeping your data at home, we provide the best of both worlds: a UK platform with a global reach.


WordPress exclusive

Timpani isn't a jack of all trades. We do WorPress. Just WordPress. Our platform has been designed for only one thing: WordPress. Our team has to worry about supporting just one thing: WordPress. Our passions are never diverted by the CMS-du-jour. We have only one love. WordPress!



Timpani is built with uptime in mind. Every part of the services that keep your website running have been made redundant. Any single failure, or in some cases, any two failures of any integral service will not take your site offline.


We've attempted to ensure every layer of the site is isolated and limited. This means it's a very hard for other users actions to endanger your site. We also automatically upgrade and maintain your WordPress core files, so you never have to worry about applying a security patch from WordPress.


We've baked caching right into the system, working hard to ensure your site flies at every opportunity.

But we also know developers need to know they're looking at fresh data. That's why we've enabled a one-press cache clear button on the Timpani panel, and why we've integrated a customised WordPress plugin into each install to clear the cache intelligently when posts are added or updated.


Our dedicated, passionate support team are very glad to be able to you as much as they can, providing everything from assistance loading themes, to debugging strange problems in a plugin, to providing advice on the best way to achieve an aim.

We hope you find this one of the greatest differences Timpani has to offer: we'll always work with you to find a way through any WordPress issue rather than work against you and block your way just so we can "close the ticket".

UAT testing environment

Every WordPress install comes with a free partner, provided at no cost, to allow you to easily test changes you want to make. You can re-sync this from the live site with a press of a button, ensuring that everything Just Works.

SSH-key git and sftp

Keep your live or UAT site in sync with git-push. Simply upload your ssh public key into the Timpani panel and enjoy secure passwordless logins to sftp as well.

Team management

Want a developer to access your wp-content or manage your backups? Timpani's user and team management facility lets you invite them to do just that, securely and reliably.

Free and easy SSL support

Want TLS/SSL for your site? Simply paste your cert into the Timpani panel and it's yours! We don't charge you anything extra for the "privilege" of security.

Tight integration

Timpani is not simply "thrown together" on some anonymous cloud platform; instead, our UK infrastructure partners have experience in supporting some of the busiest WordPress deployments in the world.


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